Enjoy the ocean activities

Snorkeling or fishing?

The turquoise blue water that licks the island’s beaches rarely drops below 28 ° C, the absence of current and the nature of the seabed allow a range of aquatic activities.

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Explore the wildlife

Experience immersed in untouched nature

Watch for playful dolphins in their natural habitat or witness rare red Colobus monkey…

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Embrace the beach relaxation

Uninterrupted calm

The line between ocean and sky seems to fade leaving a suspended Eden untouched by time

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Your Investment Opportunity

Located at the most renowned Muyuni Beach “Five Seasons Zanzibar” is an integrated luxurious residential high-class community that will be an enchanting place blending nature’s beauty with modern technology. The project master plan incorporates landscaped terraces, as well as designated spaces for sports, social activities, public amenities: restaurant, oceanarium, fresh water pool, and other community facilities.

Five Seasons offers outstanding opportunities for investment in resort real estate — lodges & villas — for early birds investors (x2 capital growth after the project is 100% built) with the best risk balanced rewards in Zanzibar.


Starting from

109 000 USD

50 м2

1 bedroom

2 bathrooms



Starting from

199 500 USD

100 м2

2 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

Large terrace 

Lodge Interior Features


For buyers

New tax and residency benefits for real estate buyers
  • Prime location at the best renowned Zanzibar’s Muyuni beach
  • Cutting-edge interior design, technology and architecture
  • Strong resale values
  • High rental income with professional operator management
  • Professional management
  • Hassle-free ownership
  • Premium lifestyle
  • Concierge services
  • Like-minded neighbours

Frequetly asked


What is the idea of Five Seasons Zanzibar project? +

The time flies by: years, decades, a lifetime, giving us just four seasons. Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. We offer you to look at the world through the prism of the concept of the Fifth season. You deserve to afford yourself a Fifth season for relaxation, refreshment and reload whenever you wish. Your own resort apartment at the Five Seasons Zanzibar is welcoming you any time of the year.

What does Five Seasons Zanzibar offer to its customers? +

Due to current unstable world situation we decided to create a place for people around the globe to find a refuge in their own private spaces where they can relax, think, learn and refresh in salt ocean’s waters or private pool with fresh water, far away from news feed, but still close to high level of comfort. While pursuing this goal we searched for many locations around the globe. And finally we have chosen Zanzibar as the best option that offers many features in one place, combining the charm of green nature, the ocean and the golden beaches that provide recreation & relaxation, and island’s historical and cultural heritage.

Why do I need to buy the property in Five Seasons Zanzibar? +

Let’s face it, if money was no object who wouldn’t want to spend time in the familiar comfort of their own homes while enjoying temperate weather, snorkelling with turtles, feeling sublime white sand under our feet, while hearing the lapping of the waves and being tanned under a magnificent sun? Let’s face it, if money is still an object, who wouldn’t want to make secure investment in real estate at the growing emerging market. So we are dedicated to offer our customers the most cost-effective & ROI-friendly way to buy residential property at one of the most brilliant but underestimated resort in around the globe. Expected return of investment rate is 12% for buyers. We aim your purchases to be a good investment, to provide rental income, generate capital growth (we consider it’s an easy x2 to your investment after the project is built) and be a property you can use at various times during the year.

What is the developer company? Does the developer have appropriate experience in building resedential resort property? +

We are an international team of real estate experts with unwavering commitment to quality, service, lifestyle and distinctive design. We have more than 20 years of building residential property around Europe and Africa. We consider that for a project to be successful it must have the right mix – a good development partner, desirable location, buyer profile and the potential to sell-out. Thus, Five Seasons is our first project in Zanzibar and it ideally combines all these features.

How my property will be maintained? What if I’m not in my residence for a long period of time? +

We understand that you certainly don’t want to worry about maintenance and security when not in residence. Furthermore, a 24/7 concierge service allows you to enjoy a hotel lifestyle in your own lodge. Five Seasons Zanzibar team provides you with the hassle-free option, minimising the responsibilities and challenges of owning and maintaining an overseas home. We understand that being able to ‘lock-up-and-go’ - or at least have professional property managers look after the property - is important. Indeed, Five Seasons promotes ‘worry-free living in well-appointed residences’ to its potential homeowners. We are developing schemes that offer owners a comprehensive range of integrated hotel-style services (and, increasingly, experiences), which include 24-hour concierge and security, transport, secure parking, cleaning, babysitting, in-home dining, laundry and even shopping and fridge-stocking services. However, we understand it is crucial to consider carefully the list of amenities that will most appeal to our audience: the investors will not want to pay high service charges for facilities that they will not use, so this must not work against the rental income.

How’s the security in Five Seasons Zanzibar maintained? +

Fenced territory under surveillance by private security service and CCTV cameras enforce high-level security 24/7/365. The high level of security on Zanzibar island in general is controlled by the government by passports as the island is deserted from the mainland for 57 kilometres.

What makes Five Seasons Zanzibar different from other projects on the island? +

Our offer is at least 20% less than the closest competitor. However, the quality of our development project is considerably equal or even higher than average competitor’s. So the expected annual yield rate is 10-15%, which is much higher comparing to average competitor’s.

Can I buy the property remotely? +

Yes, you can sign the purchase contract and make payments completely in a remote way. However, visit to the property for signing of acceptance act is needed after property is built.

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