Buying Property at Five Seasons Zanzibar Lodge: Extended FAQ

Construction technology, ceiling height?

Ceilings – 3.3 meters. The villas are made of concrete and monolith.

Prices per sq.m.

The price is about 20% lower than competitors.

Furniture, textiles, up to towels are all included into the price?

The price includes apartments with finishing (wall painting, tiles, doors, bathrooms, windows, air conditioners, well, everything except furniture). Furnishing is  granted for extra fee (to be calculated later).

How the water supply is organized. What’s water quality? Does fresh water flow from the tap?

The private water well is in development (1.5 km).

How is the sewage system, septic tank for the whole resort?

Drilling and stretching of pipes to the private sewage well is planned.

Infrastructure of the Five Seasons: spa, restaurant, what else?

Infrastructure is planned, an oceanarium, a restaurant, a gym, a beauty salon.

What about the Internet? Speed, price? Is there any Wi-Fi in the lodges?

There is mobile Internet everywhere, but we will make hi-speed wireless (Wi Fi) fiber optics connection.

Is year-round living comfortable? Rainy seasons, etc.? Seasons of unrealistically high temperatures? Is the island suitable for migration to the middle and long term?

The rainy season (April-June) is 15 minutes a day. These are the most comfortable months on the island. It’s hot, but much more comfortable than in Egypt, for example. From 11 to 14 o’clock it is more comfortable in the apartment, the rest of the time is awesome outside. Living long-term is comfortable.

Is there a management company? What languages (only English?)

For sure the Five Seasons will be run by Managemant Team, English is spoken for sure. The staff will have translators on the phone. Not a problem.

How is the security of the Five Seasons ensured?

Security company, round-the-clock duty, fenced territory, video surveillance throughout the territory.

How about security on the island in general?

Staying at the island is safe, it’s 57 km from the mainland. So the state controls arriving people by passports.

And what is there across the strait for another island? Inhabited?

Yes, one of the islands belongs to Bill Gates.

What is access to the beach, private or public?

There is 450 meters to the picturesque public beach (the pearl of Zanzibar). There is also a private pathway to the ocean, you also may go out to a rock 6 meters high. The Five Seasons is located on a stone cliff. A wooden platform is planned where you can sunbathe.

Entrance to the sea: sand, rocks or corals?

There is sand on every beach on the island.

Is any swimming pool with fresh water is planned?

A 20×6 meter swimming pool is planned on the territory of the Five Seasons complex.

Is there public transport on the island?

Minibuses, car rental, taxi.

What about security on the island as a whole?

Everything is fine and calm.

Please say a few words about Zanzibar as a country to remove the fear of the “unknown”. Your personal opinion.

Everything is very comfortable. You will see.

When purchasing apartments as an investment: what is the expected annual return of investments?

It is 10-15% per year at least, the cost of land is also growing.

Does the buyer of lodge have to come to Zanzibar to make a deal, or can everything be done remotely?

The contract can be signed remotely and paid, however you will need to come to the island when signing the act of acceptance of the property.

What is the average restaurant bill at the island?

Restaurants are quite expensive because they are designed for tourists. Our restaurant will be comfortable at a price, it will not be cheap, but it is cheaper than in a hotel restaurant.

How much does groceries cost per month on average?

If you eat local products, it’s cheaper than in Europe, but the quality is much better.

Can a management company be engaged in renting my property on a turnkey basis? Check-in, check-out, cleaning, maintenance.

Yes, of course.

What are the options for families with children: playgrounds, etc?

Oceanarium, and there will be various children’s playgrounds at the territory.

What is the nearest local settlement?

Small villages, lots of them. The big ones are Kendwa and Nungwi, 30 km away from the complex.

What bonuses does buying real estate give me: citizenship, visa-free entry?

For $3000 you can buy a residence for 3 years when buying apartments.

The increase in the cost of my apartment when buying at the “idea” stage and selling at the ready-made apartment stage?

After the completion of the complex the price of property will be x2, the price of land will be x4.

How do I pay: by bank transfer, credit card, crypto?

Bank transfer is preferable, crypto is also allowed.

What about mosquitoes, malaria mosquitoes, etc.?

Similarly to the Europe. There will be mosquito nets on the windows of the lodges.

How long to get from/to the airport? And to the center of Stone Town?

Drive 50-60 minutes to the airport/center of Stone Town.

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